Utopia Creations; Fire, LED and Art

Utopia creations fire dancers.
Ideal for weddings, corporate events, festivals and fun days,
Using a variety of unique props including elegant fire fans, fire orb, spinning fire poi and fire hoop, Utopia creations provide a tantalising and artistic fire dance that will enthral your audience. All the props are skillfully used to create a powerful image of flames around the dance.

Utopia creations LED light performance
Ideal for weddings, corporate events, festivals and fun days,
Your audience will be mesmerised with the beautiful swirling illuminations created in the LED light show. Rhythmically changing colours and patterns enhance the dance moves and tricks performed. This act can be customised to your theme or taste with a variety of music genres and costumes. Stunning LED wings create the wow factor with meet and greet entertainment.
For daytime events, flow entertainment can be created with colourful poi, hoops, ribbons and flags,

Body painting and body art
Ideal for carnivals, festivals and fun days,
Create an element of intrigue at your event with stunning body art. Whether it is a full human statue paint, or a theme or logo painted on hosts or waiting staff, this is a great way to enhance the theme of your event.


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