Edina Charles

 More than just a death drop, try death defying! This  queen is the Queen of danger and excitement. Edina offers a totally different and unique style of drag.  An interactive show of comedy, fire, swords and whips. You aint ever seen a queen like this before!

Tracing the genre’s history all the way back to Shakespearean theatre, nowadays you’ll find our wonderful drag act, Edina Charles, where comedy and glamour collide. With fabulously exaggerated costumes and spectacular make-up, her performing art skills are second to none and her professional artistry will leave you entertained as never before. 

Edina specialises in the daring and dangerous arts. Mixing danger and glamour. 

Act includes:

Fire Performance

Whip Cracking Display

Knife Throwing

LED Shows

Ladder of Swords




6 + 8 =