De La Wonk

Absolutely extraordinary! Is the only answer to describe De La Wonk! This multi skilled performer brings such passion and energy to every show she performs at. Danielle De La Wonk has a huge reportoire of skills and characters to provide a unique and lasting memory for any occasion.  As well as a long list of performances De La Wonk also provides a variety of work shops that are suitable for all ages.

De La Wonk believes hula hooping and all circus skills are accessible and available to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, culture, mental or physical ability and has the power as therapeutic tools as a fun gateway to mental and physical health.


Hula Hoop shows


Rola Bola

Puppetering (Bilingual in Spanish)

Maestra of Ceremonies

Street Shows

Walkabout Characters


 Hula Hooping


Clown Make Up





3 + 15 =